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Imperfect API

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Imperfect Red Trucks

Our Imperfect ATS Server!

Imperfect Roleplay FiveM
Server Offline - Site Archive State [Permanent Shutdown]

An archive of the website from our old FiveM server. This used to be a "social media" website where people could post photos and status updates in their in gmae phone and it'd be automatically displayed on the website and the social media app on the in game phone.

Imperfect Aviators
Archive State - Temp Shutdown.

The official website for DCS Imperfect Aviators.

Archive State - Temp Shutdown.

The official website of Wheels Up Virtual Airways.

Server Shutdown. Website in Archive State

The archive state website of our old ARK Survival Evolved Servers. You'll be able to see leaderboards, server updates, etc. (Project was never completely finished, very basic design and basic data). Data will only be shown from the 2021 and not the 2023 relaunch; which was shutdown as we moved to ASA.

Server Offline - Site Archive State

The website for our Eco Sever. You'll be able to see online players, basic stats, etc

Imperfect Life ArmA 3
Imperfect Life - Server In Closed Alpha.

We are working on an ArmA 3 life server. The site may not work at this time, however, further info can be found on the forum.

Imperfect Company
Imperfect Company - Temp Shutdown

Imperfect Comapny was a test server to see how stable 24/7 server would be. However, due to lack of interest the server has been shutdown. We may bring up again if there is a spike in interest.

ASA Imperfect Ark - Server shutdown

Our Imperfect Ark ASA Server!